Main dishes

Beef rendeng
E Tyler Lindvall's chili for the people
Grilled skirt steak with chimichurri sauce
Short ribs with dijon mustard
Short ribs with horseradish mashed potatoes

Lamb stew
Pasta with lamb ragu


Asparagus, prosciutto, and fried eggs with ramp pesto
Carbonara with bacon, peas, and mint
Chickpea, sausage, and tomato soup
Martha Bruegge's ham and beans
Pasta with spicy sausage, mustard, and basil
Pork tenderloin with roasted grapes and shallots
Prosciutto, pesto, and ricotta panini
Roasted pork loin with haricot verts and mustard breadcrumbs
Vietnamese-style bánh mì

Casey's chicken potpie
Chicken masala
Fried chicken cutlets with arugula salad
Martha's chicken salad with herbs
Mexican chicken soup
Oven-fried picnic chicken
Roasted chicken
Roasted chicken legs with potatoes and tomatoes
Roasted duck salad
Stuffed chicken legs
Thai-style bánh mì a la Mark Bittman (and Audrey)
Turkey Tetrazzini

Chilled zucchini soup with lemon-cumin shrimp and cilantro
Fish cakes
Garlic soup with mussels
Grilled salmon with cucumber-yogurt sauce
Linguine with clams, pancetta, and parsley
Pan-roasted salmon with tomato vinaigrette
Roasted shrimp and broccoli
Salad niçoise
Salt-crusted shrimp
Shrimp rolls
Tuna, asparagus, and new potato salad with chive vinaigrette and fried capers
Vietnamese noodle salad with shrimp

Baked macaroni and cheese

Cucumber-yogurt soup
Fried polenta with tomato sauce
Linguine with crème fraîche, arugula, and lemon
Pasta with lemon, jalapeno, and red onion
Ricotta and pesto pizza
Sweet potato and corn chowder

Yellow dal

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